Kai-Zen® for Recruit Retain

The number one concern for CEO’s is recruiting and retaining quality talent.  Imagine the impact on your business if even two or three key employees left. It's a common headliner, corporations are losing talent to competitors.  Over the next 10 years, the workforce will shrink by 16 million. What is your plan to differentiate your benefits vs. your competitors?

Why Kai-Zen®

Top performers are receiving 4 new job opportunities a year. We know lifestyle maintenance is a critical concern for these employees. Yet, everyone offers the same benefits. Kai-Zen® is different because it is the only plan that is adding excess capital to your existing budget. It is doubling or sometimes tripling your yearly spend. This allows 60-100% more benefits that matter to the employee.
Value Provided
  • Substantially differentiate your benefits on plans that matter to your key employees.
  • 5 payments only.
  • Almost zero administration or compliance requirements. (no ERISA , 409A or 457(f))
  • No loans. Period.
  • Protected from business creditors.
Required Qualifications
  • Business with 1 or more key personnel.
  • Employees or 1099’s between 18-65.
  • Minimum salary requirement $100,000.
  • Group plans available.

Oval Bottom right

Licensed agents for your needs

To find suitable plans tailored to your needs, use NIW's network of licensed agents.

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