Kai-Zen® for Partner Buy Out

Partner buyouts should be easy. Which is why many business owners don't consider any planning that would be regarded as necessary. Very often we hear about situations where partners want to be bought out, but are skeptical of the practical implementations this requires. Such questions arise as, "Can I trust that the business will be generating revenue after my departure?"

Why Kai-Zen®

Kai-Zen® is a way to fund a plan that is independent of the company. Providing the agreed funds unrestrained to the business once the partner has left.  The ex-partner is comfortable receive their funds, while the remaining partners don’t have to worry about shackling the business with cost.
Value Provided
  • Potential for more accumulation.
  • Maintain current lifestyle.
  • More protection for you and your family.
  • Diversify your assets.
Required Qualifications
  • Your combined household income is at least 100k per year.
  • You are between the ages of 18 - 70.
  • You are in average or good health.
  • You can contribute a minimum of $22k per year.

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Licensed agents for your needs

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