Kai-Zen® for Keyman

Term insurance is the traditional solution for key man applications and it's time for an upgrade.Realistically, only 20% of the population die before they retire. In effect, term is only going to work 20% of the time. Kai-Zen has a solution for problems such as: key persons leaving the company, retirement, chronic illness, etc. Term insurance is simply unable to compete when head to head with Kai-Zen.

Why Kai-Zen®

Kai-Zen® can create a pool of funds that can be used to produce a “living keyman” plan. You need a solution that covers all the bases. You could build your own cash pool inside the business with retained earnings. But, there are better options. Kai-Zen® will achieve the objective at half the cost, be more creditor protected, and is tax efficient.
Value Provided
  • Potential for excess accumulation.
  • Maintain current lifestyle.
  • Protection for you and your family.
  • Diversifying assets.
Required Qualifications
  • Your combined household income is at least 100k+ per year.
  • You are between the ages of 18 - 70.
  • You are in average or good health.
  • You can contribute a minimum of $22k per year.

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