Enhanced Split Dollar

Enhanced Split Dollar is a pre-tax benefit strategy that uses employer contributions and bank leverage to increase premiums into your cash accumulation life insurance policy (IUL). This strategy provides one of the most tax advantaged benefits on the market.

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Why Enhanced Split Dollar

Most people who are highly compensated dread their tax bill. ESD is one of the few strategies, where if done correctly, is truly tax free. All the money you put in, is working for you. In addition, smart leveraging increases that cash to substantially larger amounts. The net result is more cash going in pre tax, growing tax deferred, and being accessed through policy loans, tax free.These additional contributions greatly enhance the growth potential of your policy, which in turn provides more protection and more benefits. This provides you with more flexibility in the event of an emergency (chronic, terminal, critical illness or death) and allows you to get up to 100% more distributions compared to conventional retirement plans.Value Provided
  • Truly one of the best and most tax-efficient incentive plans on the market.
  • Up to 3x leverage increases the amount of cash available.
  • Typically 60% – 100% better return versus deferred compensation strategies.
Required Qualifications
  • C Corp and nonprofit organizations.
  • Under 65 in age.
  • Earning $200,000+ per year*.
  • Standard or better health.

Learn More About Enhanced Split Dollar

Watch the short video below to see how Enhanced Split Dollar can benefit you.

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