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For high-income earners who want protection and accumulation to last a lifetime.

Through hard work and determination, you are considered within the top 10% of all wage earners in the United States. Your income provides you a better lifestyle than most, but this has its disadvantages and restrictions from saving enough to maintain your lifestyle throughout your retirement.

Our Strategies have the potential to provide you...

Up to an additional three times more money added to your strategy. Tax advantages when you are ready to take distributions in retirement. Growth and protection, that will give you and your family options.

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Supplemental income for those earning over $100,000.

Enhanced Split Dollar

Supplemental income for those earning over $100,00 and working in a C-Corp or not-for-profit.

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Did You Know

The average savings rate of successful professionals is 9-12% of salary. The required savings rate to maintain lifestyle, on average, is 30-35% of salary.

Maintaining your lifestyle ranks at #1 or #2 on all financial concern surveys. 90% of successful professionals are chronically under saving.

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Everyone wants to maintain the same quality of life in retirement, congruent with a steady cash flow that allows you to continue living out your dreams and look after loved ones while maintaining a cushion of cash for extreme medical conditions, should anything happen.

This comes at high cost. People like yourself struggle to save the 30-35% of income needed.  Kai-Zen®, Enhanced Split Dollar and Tri-Zen are the only plans on the market that have additional cash in the form of leverage, to help you bridge the funding gap.

What makes these strategies unique is you don’t have to qualify, be bound by a loan, pay interest or incur personal liability.

We did this for ourselves, employees, and family members. Now, they are available to you.

Is it right for you?
  • Highly compensated individuals below age 65.
  • Earning $200,000+ per year.
  • Standard or better health.

Enhanced Split Dollar

It's tough to save enough when a large portion of your compensation is lost to taxes.

Having a pretax plan helps you retain more. The benefit of ESD (Enhanced Split Dollar) is that it adds 2-3x more money using leverage. The leverage is unique because you're not financially underwritten, you don't pay interest, and your liability is strictly limited to the plan itself. You will never sign a bank loan document or be bound by one for this plan.

As a result, there's potential for substantially more supplemental income. Additional benefits include insurance of death benefit protection, asset protection, and money in the event of a chronic or terminal illness. Depending on the life carrier, you have the potential for additional coverage of critical injury and illnesses.

Is it right for you?
  • Employee of C-Corp and nonprofit organizations.
  • Under 65 in age.
  • Earning $200,000+ per year ($100,000 if employer paid).
  • Standard or better health.

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