Introducing ilia®

ILIA®(Interactive Learning & Information Assistant) is based on a simple premise. Rather than be sold to by an agent, most prefer to interact independently with Ilia®. ILIA® details the strategy, explains how it benefits you, and allows you to drill down and understand its value. You can even see testimonials and ask additional questions prior to enrollment. Once completed, ILIA® then acts as a servicing tool allowing you to see how your plan is progressing throughout its lifespan.

Find Your Strategy

In less than 2 minutes, find the right strategy for your needs.

ilia® Makes Strategy Management Easy.

We understand learning everything about how a financial strategy works can be stressful. We created ilia® specifically to make estimating your potential returns, hear from experts, and have a streamlined enrollment experience. For additional information about ilia® and its benefits, please contact us.

  • One on one education, enrollment and servicing about your plan.
  • Dispersed group education, enrollments and servicing - for example, association groups.
  • Employee benefit plan roll out, for compulsory or voluntary plans and its servicing from employers.
  • Virtual information assistance on complex or simple financial plans & products.

Licensed agents for your needs

NIW’s nationwide network of licensed agents is in the thousands. What this means for you is finding the perfect agent for your unique needs.

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