Introducing ILIA®

Created in 2000, NIW Companies specializes in innovative estate, business, and retirement planning solutions for high net-worth or high-income earning professionals using bank financing to enhance the clients’ benefits.  NIW combines extensive industry expertise and alternative thinking to offer financial solutions that are high quality, durable, and cost-effective.  NIW does annual servicing performance reviews on all clients making NIW’s plans sustainable in all aspects. This commitment to excellence has enabled NIW to secure over $5 billion in loans and to achieve the highest persistency rate in the insurance industry.

Find Your Strategy

In less than 2 minutes, find the right strategy for your needs.

ILIA® Makes Strategy Management Easy.

We understand learning everything about how a financial strategy works can be stressful. We created ILIA® specifically to make estimating your potential returns, hear from experts, and have a streamlined enrollment experience. For additional information about ILIA® and its benefits, please contact us.

  • One on one education, enrollment and servicing about your plan.
  • Dispersed group education, enrollments and servicing - for example, association groups.
  • Employee benefit plan roll out, for compulsory or voluntary plans and its servicing from employers.
  • Virtual information assistance on complex or simple financial plans & products.

Licensed agents for your needs

NIW’s nationwide network of licensed agents is in the thousands. What this means for you is finding the perfect agent for your unique needs.

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