Multi-Gen allows you to provide an estate plan solution for your children and grand children while they are young and healthy. Before they recieve their inheritance. Multi-Gen may also reduce your estate exposure.

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Why Multi-Gen

Multi-Gen is an inter-generational strategy for individuals with a "rated" or uninsurable status. This strategy allows you to put a highly effective estate plan in place of your beneficiaries, at a fraction of the cost. You insure your beneficiaries, allowing bank financing to provide the cash for the premium. Whether you've got a property portfolio, or a privately held family business; Multi-Gen gives you a cost effective alternative to preserve the family legacy.Value Provided
  • Protects the estate plan over multiple generations at a fraction of the cost.
  • Client maintains control of their assets and earnings.
  • Using financing has the potential to reduce your taxable estate.
Required Qualifications
  • Net worth greater that $25m.
  • You are "rated" or uninsurable.
  • Able to obtain insurance on your children or grandchildren who are in good health.
  • Children or grandchildren have estate tax exposure.
  • Ability to pledge collateral.

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