Life Strategies

Most people like the idea of life insurance, but hate paying for it. Life Strategies utilizes bank leverage leaving your assets undisturbed.

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Why Life Strategies

Life Strategies gives individuals a way to finance life insurance premiums. Covering future estate taxes by allowing the client to pledge collateral instead of paying. Life Strategies can also be used for succession planning, buy-sell agreements, and key-man applications. Value Provided
  • Keep control of your assets, assets can grow with minimal opportunity cost.
  • Reduce or eliminates gift taxes.
  • Significantly more effective than paying premiums.
  • Stress tested against the harshest economic conditions.
Required Qualifications
  • Your net worth is greater than $10M.
  • You are below the age of 70.
  • You are in good health.
  • You need insurance.
  • You have the ability to pledge collateral or pay interest.

Case Study

Hear how Life Strategies benefited an actual client.

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Estate Planning Comparisons

Compare Estate Planning offerings to see which strategy is best for you.

Licensed agents for your needs

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