Passing Wealth to My Heirs

For high net-worth individuals who want to provide a more meaningful legacy

You've worked hard to create your wealth. You’ve made sacrifices and been rewarded with success. What matters most to you is your legacy. One that will help provide for and enhance the lives of your children, their children, and the less fortunate.

Our Strategies can provide

Liquidity to help cover estate taxes while eliminating gift taxes. Assets that continue to earn income. Retention control over your assets.

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Life Strategies

Clients with a networth greater than $10m that need estate planning. (1).jpeg


$25m + networth, who need estate solutions over multi generations.

Premium Finance Rescue

Clients who are concerned with their existing plans. (1).jpeg

Trust Revitalization

For family trusts worried about wealth dilution.

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Did You Know

Without an effective estate plan, you could lose as much as 80% of your entire net worth when you die. Proper preparation allows you to control where your estate goes, and preserves everything you've spent your life building.

Life Strategies

High net worth families like the idea of life insurance, but hate paying for it. Typical life insurance policies take working assets away from what you do best and put them into a policy that only pays out when someone dies. Financing has the potential to change that dilemma. Assets can be left where they are, without losing their earnings. NIW's life insurance cash value secures most of the loan. Any shortfall is covered by pledging collateral and/or paying interest. The result is insurance at a substantially lower cost than out-of-pocket premiums.Is it right for you?
  • Your net worth is greater than $10M.
  • You are below the age of 70.
  • You are in good health.
  • You have the ability to pledge collateral or pay interest.

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Multi-gen is an estate planning strategy for individuals who have health issues or are uninsurable, but still have large taxable estates.  Multi-gen allows intergenerational planning and may reduce the cost of your estate.Is it right for you?
  • You have a net worth greater that $25m.
  • You have been rated or determined uninsurable.
  • You are able to obtain insurance on your children or grandchildren who are in good health.
  • You have children or grandchildren that have estate tax exposure.
  • You or your family have the ability to pledge collateral.

Premium Finance Rescue

Premium Finance is a highly specialized area of the life insurance industry. If you currently have a plan that is not performing as anticipated, please contact us. NIW will review and advise on potential improvements for your plan.

Is it right for you?
  • You have an existing plan that is under performing.
  • Your networth is greater than $10m.
  • You genuinely need insurance to cover your tax or estate liquidity needs.

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Trust Revitalization

Over multiple generations, diluted wealth is an all-too-common problem. Three beneficiaries can quickly become nine. Family offices or trusts have assets, but are restricted by prudent investor rules. The financing of life insurance can be utilized to generate more revenue.

Financing covers the premium and loan interest. The cash value of the policy and the assets of the trust are assigned to secure the loan. More importantly, trust assets are not disturbed so there is no opportunity cost, only additional yield. Loan risks are mitigated through design. The result is that each generation contributes back to the family wealth, increasing the sustainability of the family legacy.

Is it right for you?
  • A family office or trust with $50m+ in invested assets.
  • Insurable beneficiaries of the trust/ FO who are below the age of 60.
  • Genuine concern of trust dilution over successive generations.
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Licensed agents for your needs

To find suitable plans tailored to your needs, use NIW's network of licensed agents.

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