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Created in 2000, NIW Companies specializes in innovative estate, business, and retirement planning solutions for high net- worth or high income earning professionals. Our team combines extensive industry expertise and alternative thinking to offer financial solutions that are high quality, durable, and cost effective. At NIW, we know that value cannot be achieved unless our solutions are truly sustainable in all aspects. This commitment to excellence has enabled NIW to secure over $5 billion in loans and to achieve the highest persistency rate in the insurance industry.

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NIW Companies…

As a company, NIW combines long time industry experience with conservatism to create financial solutions that are focused on sustainability. NIW uses financed insurance to reduce clients’ out of pocket costs, and are specifically designed to stand the test of time.
  • Facilitated over $5bn in loans
  • Plans were just fine through the dot com, banking and pandemic disasters
  • Highest persistency in the industry
  • We don’t want to just sell something, we want to sell something that works really well.


Our Vision

To meaningfully and sustainably improve the estate or retirement situation of our clients while changing the culture of the life insurance industry to more sustainable, client-centered solutions.
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Founding Principals

NIW was built on the desire to provide high quality, sustainable business solutions to our clients and suppliers. We pride ourselves on the satisfaction of our clients as well as our suppliers. We are committed to delivering solutions that are designed to not only save clients money, but also weather volatile economic environments.Our Commitment:
  • If we would not sell a product to the people we personally know and love, we will not sell it to anyone else.
  • Failure is when we have not met or achieved our clients' objectives (as they define them).
  • If any party inherently loses in a transaction, NIW will not participate in the deal.
  • Just because something is easy or profitable does not make it the right thing to do. NIW strives to go above and beyond what is easy to provide business solutions with integrity.
  • Anything sold by NIW will be supported until the loan is naturally retired.
Given these principles, NIW has steadily built a reputation for being one of the best financed insurance carriers in the US. NIW’s current persistency rate is over 97% which is higher than any other solution (financed or non-financed) currently sold in the life insurance market.

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NIW’s nationwide network of licensed agents is in the thousands. What this means for you is finding the perfect agent for your unique needs.

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