Tri-Zen is an pre-tax benefit strategy for C-Corporations and not-for-profit organizations that uses financing to offer a wide range of benefits.  Because most of the money required to finance Tri-Zen comes from a lender, Tri-Zen brings substantial new money to the table in order to afford more benefits.  This means that employees are able to afford coverage beyond what they would purchase for themselves.   As an added bonus, with Tri-Zen all of the funds spent are an asset to the company.

  • Pretax contribution into the plan
  • 3x leverage, no loan underwriting
  • Tax-deferred growth
  • Tax-free policy loan out
  • Vital protection of death benefit, critical illness, or chronic illness


  • Truly one of the best and most tax-efficient incentive plans on the market
  • 3x leverage increases the amount of cash available
  • Money invested on the plan becomes an asset for the employer
  • Typically 90% – 110% better return versus self-funded strategies

Client Profile

  • C Corp and nonprofit organizations
  • Under 65 in age
  • Earning $200,000+ per year*
  • Standard or better health
  • *if premium is paid by employer, $100,000 per year will be considered on a case by case basis

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