Agent Support Manager (East & Texas)

Helen joined NIW Companies in 2015 as Executive Assistant to Daen Wombwell and Grace Barnard.

In addition to assisting to the daily schedules of Mr. Wombwell and Ms. Barnard, Helen is also the first point of contact for Agents who are new to the Kai-Zen Strategy and needs assistance with marketing materials, internet login assistance and the general rules that governs the Kai-Zen Strategy.

Prior to joining NIW Companies, Helen was President for 17 years of a manufacturing and retail leather furniture business that was co-founded with her Husband in 1998. In addition to overseeing the day-to-day operations, her focus was strategic growth, marketing and sales training for the retail division of the Company.

Helen’s passion for travel has taken her around the World and her next dream trip will be a trek to Machu Picchu!