Grace Barnard is a leader in estate planning, life insurance, and retirement planning, with particular expertise in financing insurance.  Throughout the year, she travels nationally to educate potential clients about the benefits of NIW’s financed insurance solutions.   In addition to this, she leads weekly training sessions for agents in the field.

Partnerships with leading insurance carriers and banks prove that NIW provides some of the most efficient insurance financing solutions in the market.  As a result, Grace’s expertise in financed business solutions is widely respected by both the insurance and banking industries.   Most of all, after 30 years of experience in a range of executive roles, Grace Barnard is an individual capable of developing innovative ideas and upholding ethical, client-based standards.

Grace has contributed greatly to the development of NIW’s key programs:

  • Kai-Zen – Lender financed benefits package for you or your employees
  • Tri-Zen  – Cost-saving and physician-recruiting solution for non-profit hospitals
  • NIW Life Strategies – The superior strategy for Asset-backed Insurance Lending
  • Multi-Gen – Planning the financial future of high net worth families
  • CashStream – Taking care of employees without impacting the bottom line

As president of NIW Companies, Grace continues to focus on concept innovation and business development.


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