When designing premium finance, a multi-lender platform is critical to the success of loan transactions and negotiations.  The overall goal of a multi-lender platform is to ensure less risk, uncertainty, and better loan pricing.

  • Funding availability
  • Competitive loan pricing
  • Alternatives in case a party pulls out

Having multiple lenders gives the firm the ability to negotiate loan pricing and get the best value for the client.   Additionally, there are many alternatives in place in case a lender pulls out, although this has never happened in NIW's history.

Since 2003, NIW's relationships with high-volume lenders have been a core strength.  In the latest 2008 banking crisis, NIW actually added more lenders to its supply list and continued processing new, as well as existing cases.  NIW has an extensive lender partner list which, when combined with our top-of-the-line servicing, contributes to NIW having the highest case persistency rate in the industry.