Multi-Generational Estate Planning

NIW MultiGen

Intro to Multi-Generational Estate Planning

NIW MultiGen is a multi-generational estate planning strategy for high net worth individuals with a “rated” or uninsurable status. Unfortunately, these people are usually unable to use traditional estate planning methods because of their insurance status. Although they would like to pass on their wealth to the next generation, it is hard to do so effectively without careful planning.

First of all, NIW MultiGen gives individuals the ability to create a solid estate tax plan regardless of their insurance rating. With NIW MultiGen, the first generation, as well as their children and grandchildren, can all have estate tax protections in place. Additionally, the first generation can continue to use their assets without triggering substantial gift taxes, liquidation costs, or opportunity costs.

In summary, NIW MultiGen takes every generation’s needs into consideration and lasts for many generations to come. Best of all, it is a great solution for uninsurable individuals who need multi-generational estate planning when few other options exist.


  • Protects the estate plan over multiple generations
  • Client maintains control of their assets and their earnings
  • Using financing has the potential to reduce your taxable estate

Client Profile

  • Net worth greater that $25m
  • Client “rated” or uninsurable
  • Able to obtain insurance on the children or grandchildren who are in good health
  • Children or grandchildren have estate tax exposure
  • Ability to pledge collateral

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