For highly compensated professionals, protecting earnings is critical to saving for retirement. Due to limitations, traditional retirement plans are typically insufficient for high income earners. If highly compensated professionals wish to maintain their lifestyle in retirement, they require a proactive strategy that puts more money toward protecting future income without putting a drain on current finances.

Kai-Zen is a strategy that helps clients maintain their current lifestyle with an index life insurance policy that provides death benefit protection and living benefits in the event of a serious illness, premature death, or an inability to sufficiently save for retirement.  Kai-Zen is one of the ONLY strategies that uses leverage to help clients  acquire more of the insurance benefits they need to help financially protect their futures. Kai-Zen’s unique fusion of financing and life insurance offers more protections and the potential to earn more for retirement than could be obtained without leverage.


  • 60% better supplemental retirement income versus self-funded alternatives
  • Average fees are lower than most benefit plans
  • Not affected by future income or if capital gains tax rises
  • Offers additional key protection(s) against potential life disasters such as critical, and chronic illness
  • The loan is secured solely by the policy’s cash value, which means there is no loan underwriting or loan obligation outside of the plan itself
  • Stress tested to survive Great Depression or high-interest rate scenarios unlike most other alternatives

Client Profile

  • Highly compensated personnel below age 65
  • Earning $200,000+ per year*
  • Standard or better health
  • *if premium is paid by employer, $100,000 per year will be considered on a case by case basis

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Refund Policy for Kai-Zen
Client contribution portion of the Kai-Zen program includes a trustee/administration fee of $1,350 per year for 5 years. All Trustee and Administration Fees are non-refundable once the trust has been set up. The fees pay for the initial trust setup, including the master trust, and ongoing trustee and Administration fees of the insurance trust and the loan. Any changes to the trust or for any additional services performed outside the scope of the standard transaction are the sole responsibility of the settlor of the trust and are Non-Refundable once the service(s) have been performed. The fees charged for 5 years cover 15 years of the trust/service/administration costs. If trust remains intact after year 15, any ongoing trustee fees are the sole responsibility of the settlor of the trust.

Client Contribution Includes Partial Funding of Insurance Premium. Although you have made your contribution to the insurance trust, no life insurance will be effective, and no death benefit will be payable to your heirs until the insurance company issues the insurance policy. The insurance policy will not be issued immediately upon you making your contribution to the insurance trust but will be issued only upon the closing of a loan by the Kai-Zen Trust, which will partially fund premiums for the life insurance policy(ies). Such closing and issuance of the policies may be up to 6 months after you make your contribution(s). Once the policy has been paid and put in force, the carrier normally has a 30-day free look period where a client can cancel their policy. Please see carrier guidelines on the insurance illustration or your policy for additional carrier guidelines on the free look period. This does not include the bank fees and interest.

Bank Fees and Interest. Bank interest and fees charged by the bank once the loan has been set up are Non-Refundable even during the insurance policy free look period. The bank is making a loan and even if the policy is canceled, the loan interest and fees will have to be paid back to the bank out of the cash surrender value of the policy.

When paying monthly premiums, the last month premium will be paid upfront to provide a month leeway if a payment is held up or if there is a dispute over charges. A refund of a portion of this amount is contingent upon the above qualifications.

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