Cash Stream

CashStream is an innovative company group plan that creates funding for long-term employee incentive plans without draining cash flow from the corporation. These proprietary solutions allow the employer to informally fund executive supplemental retirement, key man, buy sell, and succession planning.   This strategy is best for companies who are getting good returns on their assets and do not wish to liquidate them to fund contingent liabilities.

CashStream allows employers to leverage their assets with third party financing for a fraction of the cash flow typically required to fund employee benefits.  Third party financing enables companies to provide additional benefits for the same money or the same benefits for less money. Taking the financed money and placing it in an over-funded life insurance policy will generate additional cash flow for the firm to informally fund future liabilities such as buy/sell, post-retirement health care, pension, key man, etc. CashStream is unique because it does not require the insured to die in order for the company to receive the benefits. By and large, CashStream is a flexible strategy that allows the company to preserve cash flow, retain quality employees, supplement company cash flow, and provide valuable employee benefits.

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